CBS offers a full line up of quality Accounting, Payroll Processing and Taxation services.

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Accounting Services


Accounting and payroll processing service, we gear to developed and refine a service that encompasses automated accounting and payroll production, current financial information and related tax services based on a fix and flexible price fee system which you know in advance and you can decide how much work we do and you always know how much our services cost. Our payroll services include payroll transaction processing, personal income tax for local staff and management. We also specialize in expatriate compensation, benefit and taxation planning and processing.

Business and corporate taxation related matters, we provide service to our clients in advising, processing and liaising with tax officer and Revenue Department on tax filing and related issues for general business as well as BOI promoted business. We also provide counselling and services towards some irregularities e.g. VAT refund, tax related to non-BOI promoted activities, assist to clarify with Revenue Department tax investigation, etc.

We are specialized in tax planning for expatriate and executive.

At CBS, we continually innovate our services to build value to our clients we are privileged to serve. We are committed to partnering with the best of class companies. We will provide timely information, education and attentive service to assist our clients in making informed financial decisions. All these missions, we aim to result in return, the optimization of time and investment for all our valuable clients

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